InnovaPharm Genesis-1 Review

Over the past two years, the supplement industry has been through some major changes. With the increase in supplement manufacturers, we are seeing an influx of new companies. Unfortunately, most of the products that are being released are just pre-workouts or fat burners. Don’t take me wrong, I love a good pre-workout supplement, however there doesn’t seem to be a ton of ingenuity currently in the supplement industry. Most companies just copy other companies’ pre-workout formulas, and then either increase the dose of ingredients per serving, or add some unknown ingredient just to make their product a little different to help with marketing. Thank goodness for companies like InnovaPharm.

InnovaPharm recently released their new capsule product Genesis-1. If you are familiar with the supplement industry, then the ingredients might seem familiar. Genesis-1 is a Standardized Embryonic Oligopeptide extract, also known as Humanofort. Some supplement insiders claim that Humanofort can’t be absorbed through digestion. However, according to Biogenic Stimulants the technology used to extract the embryonic peptides enables the peptides to not only survive digestion, but it allows them to cross the intestinal membrane intact.

The possible benefits of embryonic peptides include everything from improved performance to healthy aging. And unlike many other supplements, you aren’t going to immediately feel the effects of Gensis-1. Instead, it should enhance the effects of other supplements. It should still work well taken by itself, but expect to wait to start noticing all the positive benefits.



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