Immunity and the Supps that May Help – Part 3

Here we have some more ways to boost up the old immune system for some defense against the crap ton of microbes trying to kill our gains on the daily. These are some of the less likely things to show up in the sports nutrition world but could be key adds to your stacks during flu, cold and or change of seasons. Remember common sense sanitary habits are always number one. Wash your hands, body, and wipe down equipment before and after use.
Garlic – You don’t have to be Italian to get your fix from garlic. It has some pretty cool properties when you take it as a supplement and use it in your cooking. Aged Garlic Extracts have been shown to not only help people get sick less but potentially lessen the time they are sick (colds). They also have a nice benefit of assisting with blood lipids, blood pressure reductions and improving overall cardiovascular health. Plus, we all know some of you juice monkeys need to get them pipes cleaned! Garlic has some long term benefits with increasing NK cells (Natural Killer) that shows a boost in their ability to clean up the schoolyard of bullies at lunch time, but you gotta take a pretty high dose that might have you smelling like a little old lady from Sicily ( sorry grandma!!) Crush it and cook it or take aged garlic with allicin to get the full benefits.
Black Seed Oil ( Nigella Sativa) – Black Seed is one of those magical things from Egypt that likely led to the mummies and stories of immortality we hear today, but realistically it’s a healthy little snack that may just prove itself beneficial against stuff like allergies, colds, and sides effects of being obese. Whether you are using the roasted and ground up seeds, the oil, and or a supplement, Black Seed Oil has benefits like reducing viral load of some pathogens ( the less viral load the better), improving attention, reducing allergies, increasing wellbeing, and slightly boosting white blood cell and macrophage levels. Overall, it sounds like a pretty decent thing to have handy during stages of intense training or seasonal changes like cold and allergy season.
Red Panax Ginseng – While not the magic cold cure or blazon flu warrior it’s a solid supplement for those who may be starting a workout program after a break and or maybe need a little kick start to the immune system after a long stint indoors. It seems it can help boost the body’s ability to have a better immune response both increasing and balancing the defense mechanism at the same time. For training it can help stop the immune suppression that happens during the first week of a workout program and then potentially help boost the immune system up more over time. It also has some pretty interesting benefits with energy, cognition, and has some fairly potent anti-cancer vibes b


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