Immunity and the Supps that May Help – Part 2

Here are some more Immune support supps that maybe you can add and look into to keep yourself healthy and training. While nothing is a miracle cure it simply doesn’t hurt to fortify your body and top off nutrients when you can do so safely, and especially if you are pushing the limits in training, work, stress, etc… At the end of the day a healthy immune system keeps you alive, but more important is responsible for them gainz!

Zinc – zinc lozenges have been a staple of the purported cold cure miracle for a long while and you can find them pretty much anywhere. Though you will want to find zinc gluconate and or acetate lozenges if possible for best result. You don’t want to bomb zinc at high doses for long shots, but short term it may offer some immune benefits for things like colds and flus. Also, a lot of athletes seem to test low in zinc when under extreme training so it may be beneficial during overreaches in training or competition seasons. Take your ZMA and some extra zinc but stay under 100mg and even less in the long run as suggested by many experts.
Glutamine – They say a healthy GI tract is the key to a strong immune system and glutamine may be more important for your digestive health and little critters called the microbiome, than your actual workouts. The lining of your intestines needs Glutamine for fuel to rebuild itself and that is on the daily. If you are deficient in Glutamine and or recovering from a surgery or wounds, it could be the answer to boost recovery and or stay more consistent with your overall health. While not magic it’s a potential foundational supplement for life, not just trying to kill off the burn while you work out.
Whey Protein – We all know Whey can help you add those LBM’s to your frame, offer improved recovery, and it usually taste pretty good …the things we are less aware of though are that Whey Protein seems to help the immune system kick some extra butt and it also has some potential benefits in the fight against cancer. It helps boost your main anti-oxidant called Glutathione and is less likely to cause inflammation in the body compared to other foods and protein sources. So, overall it’s a great thing to supplement while pursuing the Adonis body. The growth factors and peptides are what are responsible so while L-Leucine is important make sure you get a good whey with naturally occurring things like Alpha and Beta Lactoglobulins, Lactoferrin, and naturally occurring peptides to get the most out of it. It does not have to be isolate necessarily for the health boost aspects.


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