Immunity and the Supps that May Help – Part 1

The Immune System is pretty cool, it not only is the key to massive gains and reduced muscle soreness when its running properly, but it also keeps you alive and protected against pathogens like viruses and bacteria that are trying to hijack your body and kill you literally every second of everyday.
In the current state of affairs, it can be any time of the year and there can be a sudden outbreak of anything from the common cold, flu, and or an exotic novel disease. The best bet for the active fitness enthusiast is to use common sense sanitizing like washing hands, hand sanitizers, wiping down equip before and after use, showering, and staying out of the gym during extremely infectious disease warnings.
The first impulse by many though may be to just grab some supplements and or purported immune boosters and run around with no cares at all while licking toilet seats as proof of immortality. I mean who doesn’t want an instant 100k followers on Tik Tok….amirite?
Realistically though the above common sense sanitary habits are first and foremost our best line of defense, followed by hoarding toilet paper. On the third level of immune boosting though we can turn to some basic supplements to make sure we are at least hedging the bets for our body to be ready to take on the onslaught of disease the world has to offer.
Some top choices
Vitamin C – Topping off your levels of Vitamin C is always a good idea if you are actively trashing your body in the gym with extreme workouts, not sleeping optimally, and or have been exposed to sick people like icky kids and or sniffling co-workouts. While its not magic it can potentially shorten the duration of some colds and or flus and gives you some basic fuel for the immune system to work with. Dosing isn’t set in stone but 250mg – 500mg per day for maintenance has been suggested with doses of up to 6000mg a day spread out being suggested by some places for acute boosts. Take the quackery of some proposed experts with a grain of salt though its not magic, just good ol’ vitamin C.
Vitamin D – Again another essential nutrient that is great to have optimal levels of in the body. With lack of sunlight and more time inside for work, school, and quarantines its likely we all need a bit of Vitamin D in our lives. Amounts from 400iu per day to now up to 5000iu per day are thrown around for the optimal dose. Only a blood test can really tell where you stand with converting Vitamin D to its active form and or if you need to supplement. Likely though you do need some supplemental Vitamin D to some degree and it has been shown to do some solid work in the shortening of upper respiratory issues and potentially help against the ol’ seasonal flu.


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