HD Muscle – Brand Intro

A brand new…well brand is showing up to the big show with an arsenal of diverse and well thought out products. Let’s face it, to stand out in the crowded market of sports nutrition you have to not only dress to impress with classy packaging but also have the goods inside the bottles and tubs to back it all up.

HD Muscle steps right up to the plate and points their bat to homerun-ville and say they came to bang one out the park straight away. They start straight away with three version of their PRE HD preworkout and basically offer something for everyone. The PWO Concentrate stim junky, the Trendy Nootropic PWO-head, and the classic Preworkout Creatine/N.O. gym mirror connoisseur all get their fair chance at a formula designed for them. Pretty sweet way to launch a line up, just cover all the bases!

They also offer up a Intra workout called Intra HD (EAA) and go above and beyond a simple EAA product. They offer hydration, EAAs, Peak02, and the new Spectra multi-nutrient food/antioxidant blend. Spectra actually counts as a serving of fruit/veggies for a day so now you can be healthy and anabolic all at the same time.

They also serve up some of the support products with a GDA called Glyco HD, carb matrix starring HBCD and Carb 10® + coconut water called Carb HD, and a Fat Burner called Burn HD. Each product has a solid and well thought out formula especially Glyco HD which uses a cyclodextrin based berberine to maximize its absorption (very cool.)

Seems like HD Muscle is on the right track from the get-go and its definitely likely they will hit the ball out of the park from the first at bat. Its great to see brands really making an effort to be bigger and better than even some of the longest standing brands out there.

Their company motto is “Integrity is Everything” and who can disagree with that in a marketplace full of so many recalls, grey area ingredients, and pop up brands and manufacturers.


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