Greens Products Explained

Greens Products: Before the age of dietary supplements individuals would get all of their nutrients from the food they ate, however due to the change in lifestyles across the modern world this has become somewhat of an issue now for many people.   Thus, a product class known as greens powder and/or supplemental greens have started to be produced on a large scale though the dietary supplement industry.  You can now find these products on many websites and in about every grocery store you step into now.

Greens Products powders are basically a combination of plant-based extracts and products that have been dried and then blended into a consumable powder.  This allows an individual to get the maximum amount of health boosting benefits of the vitamins and minerals the easiest and fastest way possible.  Every brand and product will be different as the focus of the specific product will vary by brand and demand.  Often these products go even further and ad in things like pre and probiotics enzymes.  According to the academy of Nutrition and Dietetics many fruits powders can be linked directly to an improvement in exercise endurance, diabetes management and blood lipid levels.  In another study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine it was found that extend use of greens powders lead to a reduction in blood pressure.

A balanced and healthy diet is important, and it should be noted that even quality supplementation cannot out pace a poor diet.  It should be remembered and emphasized that these products are designed to help and fill in the gaps but are not meant to be full replacements for greens and fruits themselves.  There has been much research that suggest the compounds in the actual fruit tend to preform better in the body than the dried compounds found in supplements.  When taking these products it is important to understand your over all diet and this will help lead to a much healthier experience. Read about Greens Products.


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