Genius Brand GENIUS CAFFEINE – Product Overview

Genius Brand GENIUS CAFFEINE: This is no ordinary quick hitting caffeine pill from Genuis Brand. They have brought in a special time released caffeine that is released over 4-5 hours that will carry you through the day on a warm energized cloud of good energy. Regular energy drinks and stims usually hit hard and then leave you lagging, but with the patented NEWCAFF form of microencapsulated caffeine Genuis Brand has figured out how you can use caffeine to get the most out of the day. You can likely take 2 caps if well experience, and may even be able to use this product with others in the line up like Genius Consciouness and or Genius Keto. Another likely candidate would be Genius Burn their moderate but effective fat burning formula.

Here is what Genuis Brand has to say abut NEWCAFF:

“GENIUS CAFFEINE is different than every other caffeine pill on the market because it’s sustained released, ultra-pure trademarked NEWCAFF™. Normal caffeine is quickly absorbed, leading to a stimulating effect after consumption, which leads to energy fluctuations. Through a sustained release, microencapsulation technique, Genius Caffeine provides true sustained energy that stimulates thermogenesis, accelerating the rate at which your body burns calories.* It also helps to suppress the appetite for extended periods of time.”

Genius Brand GENIUS CAFFEINE Price $14.99

Genius Brand GENIUS CAFFEINE Genius Brand GENIUS CAFFEINESupplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Veggie Capsule

Amount Per Serving


Other Ingredients:

  • Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose), Cellulose, Organic Rice Hulls, Ascorbyl (Vitamin C) Palmitate.

Suggested Use:

  • As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule up to three times daily with a meal. Assess tolerance and allow 4-5 hours between servings. Do not exceed 6 capsules a day. Stack with Genius Burn for optimal results.

Product Highlights

  • Time Released
  • No Crash
  • Contains Microencapsulated Caffeine


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