G Fuel Ready to Drink Energy Can

G Fuel Gets Ready for and RTD Battle Arena with Energy Can.

It’s no great mention to say that G Fuel is probably the biggest name in the gaming world as far as drinks dedicated to energy and focus for the keyboard warriors and twitch elite. Energy Can, they have slowly taken over with their themed, unique, and constant release of new flavors. From top eSport clans to top streamers they have cornered the market, or better to say created the market for the gamer dedicated pregame ritual.

With nothing left to get them excited other than gamer girl bathwater memes, it was only a matter of time before they set their sights on the RTD version of G Fuel. Mountain Dew converted their AMP energy drink into a Game Fuel version beating G Fuel to the market with gamer RTDs, but the Dew already had a large market share with companies like Monster, NOS, and likely BANG in the gaming scene, just not a dedicated gamer RTD at that time.

The New G Fuel goes right for the jugular on the Super Creatine claiming BANG with its use of S7 a patented blend of ingredients for increasing blood flow via Nitric Oxide. Included will also be vitamins/minerals, aminos, and antioxidants (likely a berry blend like the powdered version.) They will have 300mg of caffeine to compete with BANG and RAZE, and enter with four flavors.

Energy Can Flavors Soon Available:

  • Blue Ice
  • Sour Cherry
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Fazeberry

These are flavors are likely related to the top sellers in the powdered version, and while it won’t adding custom flavors as quickly via a slower production route, they will certainly have more on the way, and stick to their successful game plan of working with top eSports competitors and Streamers.

The release is scheduled for a July 15th release with a limit of 24 cans per customer and they are sticking at a max 10% discount on this product.

Stay tuned for an in depth and highly caffeinated product review once we get our hands on it, and sit down at the prototype PS5 that we got dropped off the other day. It’s a shame it only came with Mario Bros and Duck Hunt and is oddly shaped like an old NES system, but we can’t go lookin’ a gift console in the hard drive.


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