Failure and Dieting

As many individuals know the lifting of weights and exercise portions of the dieting and exercise is for the most part not the hardest part of the latter.  Dieting or the ideas and principles around the consumption of food is what most struggle with in this day and age of fitness.  The idea that you will begin a plan or new lifestyle and be 100% successful is probably the single biggest misconception when developing a new life style for health.


The concept of the perfect diet takes time and as anyone knows who has tried, specifically a strict one knows that it is hard.  More times than not everyone will fall or fail from their diet in one fashion or another.  This is where the mental toughness aspect of allowing oneself to fail and learning from it.  You must understand as a new comer or even a veteran that you will sometimes falter in your efforts to lose weight, this is common.  This is no different than any other aspect of life and should be a skill that is learned and not avoided.  The ability for an individual to fail and then take this failure back to the drawing board to learn from is critical in the development of a healthy work ethic toward a goal.  As with dieting the scale will never lie, you will either lose weight, gain weight or remain somewhat the same.  You as a new comer or veteran will have days where you fail your diet and regress in your attempted progress.  This is when the rubber really meets the road.  This is when an individual will need to be at their best to learn and understand what must be done to adapt in making the proper changes instead of shutting down like many or reverting back to the old ways is disgust.


It is clear that the public, in general, needs to learn to fail and use these failures to their advantages instead of blotting them out.  This is invaluable data that can be used for progress and should be treated as such.


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