Ethics and Responsibility

Ethics and Responsibility: In an industry that is designed to support growth and personal development amongst individuals for the greater good and embodiment of themselves there are many individuals that could be considered or called bad actors.  The idea of health and nutrition is often times in the dietary industry splattered with dazzling amounts of malicious and mischief marketing and products.  There are segments of the market that art deceptive in nature to the point of just making a sale that ethics are gone out of the window.  We have written multiple articles on how to find supplements that you believe in and some of what will be listed are reason why an individual should take those steps.

Often times products themselves may not be bad or non-compliant but much of the marketing and literature in the product itself is not up to code.  There are many products on the market named after all types of drugs and illicit items that would be confusing at the simplest form to many individuals no knowing fully what they are looking at.  Often times individuals buying products are not as well versed in the industry as someone like myself who has studied supplements inside and out for many years and now understand the almost fiduciary duty of protection these brands have to the end user.  The notion that ethics should play a great deal in the production and marketing of products is benignly forgotten to most, there is pushing branding and marketing to the limits and then there is naming a product after a schedule 1 substance that violates all ideas of being a responsible and good steward of the industry itself. Ethics and Responsibility.

As more and more companies enter the supplement industry due to simple capitalism and ease of entry from capitalism the market is becoming harder and harder to compete in.  This is leading to an almost unlimited supply of individuals and companies marketing themselves in a light that will not end well on a beleaguered industry that is being held together by sheer force of will power it seems at this point. Read more about Ethics and Responsibility.



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