ErgoGenix Ergo Perfect Shaker Cup Overview

Let ErgoGenix help you shake things up with Ergo Perfect Shaker.

If you have been using supplements like protein powder, pre-workout, or whatever, then you know the importance of a shaker cup. This thing is vital to making it easy to get your supplement down whenever the time arrives. Shaker cups also serve as a way to carry around any kind of drink. Even the ones that don’t have to be shaken up.

So, what makes the ErgoGenix Ergo Perfect Shaker cup so perfect? Well, no other shaker cup on the market is designed to endure the wear and tear that a Performa Perfect Shaker does. ErgoGenix’s proprietary design has been optimized to ensure that no matter how the cup is used, it will not leak.

ErgoGenix’s Ergo Perfect Shaker has a patented shaker agitation element that was scientifically developed using the laws of motion. During the blending process the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture. This rapid collision builds momentum within the cup as the fluid mixture accelerates and impact becomes intensified. The explosive impact results in instant emulsification and perfectly blended drinks every time.

And what happens if you drop your shaker cup on the ground? Is it going to last? The truth is that not all shaker bottles are made the same. The quality of the plastic used and its overall density play a key role in how shatter resistant it is. Performa Perfect Shaker bottles use a specialized blend of polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity. So, when you drop your Perfect Shaker, you don’t have to worry about it cracking, or worse yet you lose anything that is inside the Perfect Shaker cup.

Have you ever left a shaker cup in the car? If so, then you know what I’m talking about. Worse, have you ever left a shaker cup that had protein powder in it in your car overnight? Chances are you had to throw away the shaker. The good news is that BPA free shakers can help. The Perfect Shaker is 100% BPA free for the safest supplement consumption. Our Extralast Ink ensures that the design on your shaker cup stays pristine wash after wash.

If you want a high-quality shaker cup, then check out the Ergo Perfect Shaker. Also, they are usually on sale for a great price.


  • BPA Free
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Actionrod Technology
  • Leak-Free


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