Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar Adds an Impressive 3 New Flavors

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar: Kai Greene is one eclectic person nevermind bodybuilder, from his crazy posing routines, ethereal interviews,acting,  and amazing art/comics he definitely gets the fan favorite at most shows. He extends this to his own supplement brand and products via an update with the King Kai Series of his hit preworkout Savage Roar. Updated artwork and a cleaner more direct formulation updates this well known PWO.

Originally releasing this limited edition with one flavor they have now up the ante for the Black Friday hype and offered up 3 new flavors at the time of the sale. This should carry over to having 4 available flavors on going, and also extend to some new products being released in his King Kai series.

Savage Roar keeps it simple and to the point with a minimalist formulation, using only the actives that they believe matter and gets you to have the best possibly results in the gym.

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar Supplement Facts

Serving Size – 1 Rounded Scoop (10.5g)

Serving Per Container – 30

  • Beta Alanine – 3.2g – helps to reduce lactic acid levels in the muscle after a loading phase,
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – 2.5g – precursor for dopamine and norepinephrine, assist with enhancing ability to tolerate stress and protect against fatigue
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – 500mg – for fat metabolism, recovery, and androgen receptor density support
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg – good ol wake up your brain caffeine, improves power and strength before a workout
  • Bitter Orange Extract – 30mg – likely a source of synephrine for clean energy
  • Bioperine – 10mg – enhances absorption of some compounds

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar Price – $39.99


  • Rainbow Blast
  • Citrus Freeze *New
  • Wild Watermelon *New
  • Sour Apple Candies *New

Product Highlights:

  • Untamed Energy
  • Primal Focus
  • Skin Ripping Pumps
  • Delicious Taste



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