Core Nutritionals Transparent Nutrition

Core Nutritional Transparent Nutrition is a brand that was built out of the image of the drug-free pro bodybuilder known as Doug Miller.  He formed this with his wife Stephanie Miller who is also a drug-free pro figure competitor.  The duo was sick and tired of all of the wrong doings going on in the supplement industry and all the false hype that was being built around poorly formulated products in the market.  The issues in the industry according to Core Nutritionals are that often times supplement companies offer fantastic promises with little to no supporting information on how these claims are even backed up.  Often this is doubly evident by brands hiding behind proprietary blends according to Core Nutritionals Transparent Nutrition.

With so much monkey business in the formulation of products Core Nutritionals set out to always let the end user know exactly what they were taking into their bodies.  They proclaim that the brand doesn’t take short cuts or skimp on ingredients in any form or fashion in any of the products.  They state that all of the products go through rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality, they even go as far to back up the claims of the products through drug testing.  Every product is manufactured in the USA and in cGMP facilities.

The goal of the Transparent Nutrition is to represent everyday through a mentality of CRUSH IT.  They state that this mentality is for the gym to the stage, at home, and in the brands relationships with colleagues, customers and industry affiliates, this commitment never waivers.  The brand strives for perfect each and every day and the products it host are to help individuals who are in the same pursuit of this perfection.


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