Citizen Nutrition (CZNU) Brings the Weight of its Predecessors

Citizen Nutrition is a new brand but its not coming from new blood in the industry. This is the next brain child and special project from James Boccuzzi. You might be asking who is James? Well, if you don’t know him by name you may know the brands he helped bring to market, as in Myoblox, Black Magic and Chemix. Often you could see him doing Q&As for these brands or sharing the IG screen with the likes of Guerilla Chemix, etc..

If you check out the brands that James has helped develop you get a sense that he is not trying to remix the same old, and even if the ingredients look similar there is usually something slightly different in there and or trademarked ingredients that stand out among other competitors. They also go the extra mile on art work and design in their products with some interesting concepts.

Its likely we will see the standards from Citizen like preworkouts, fat burners, and maybe nootropic products from Citizen Nutrition, but like mentioned above you can expect James to do his thing as he has done with many other brands. You can find him on IG doing Q&A’s still and showing off previews of his newest Brand with the CZNU tags. Stay tuned as we will review his products as they launch and make sure to keep you posted on his consultant and brand development projects as well.


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