Chaos and Pain Ferox Pre-Workout Review

The supplement industry is loaded with pre-workouts and energy drinks. With all the different options, it can be difficult to pick out a pre-workout that delivers on all its promises. Chaos and Pain’s flagship product, Ferox, doesn’t disappoint.

When choosing a pre-workout, most people are looking for three effects: an increase in energy, bigger pumps, and better focus/ concentration. Ferox is a comprehensive pre-workout supplement that does all three. It’s loaded with enough stimulants to energize your workouts, while the NO boosting pump ingredients will make your shirts feel like they might rip. As far as focus, Ferox was designed to get you into the zone faster, and to help you stay there longer.

Ferox is available in a ton of flavors. You can choose from Carny Candy, Pineapple Express, or Strawbloody Kiwi Crush. Ferox can be stacked with any non-stimulant supplement, such as Chaos and Pain’s PermaSwole, or their BCAA formula Cannibal Carna.


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