Changing Bodybuilding Forever

The sport of bodybuilding is one of almost heavy tradition and lore to that of changing the make-up of the human genome for the better, building a better body.  The sport over the recent years has taken some very interesting turns and twist, most notable the advent of drugs to further assist the development of the body to manufacture what is considered the most ideal human form to win the current show.  Basically, there has been roughly about 100 years of pretty solid data on the human transformation that has been documented by photo.  The human figure through both proper nutrition and specialized science of all sorts has developed into a far superior and larger form.


With all of the above happening, the industry is facing some aspect that are counterculture to what it needed to stay afloat, cash, and lots of cash.  As a sport bodybuilding’s draw is insanely small compared to just about any other sport.  If the sport didn’t have mega stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and now Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson it would almost have been just as obscure as something like the highland games.  For the sport to carry on and flourish in todays extra fast paced world of news media and cell phones it needs a draw, something to bring the fans calling and to get butts into seats as they say.


The sport of bodybuilding needs cash and technology, it is that plain and simple.  The prize pool for the amount of work that is required to win said prize and the sacrifices that must be made are disproportionate at best.  The sport will never develop if there is no room for a younger generation to go into it and make a viable living wage with the opportunity for stardom.  If you look around at all other major sports you will see just that, that ability for not just a hand full of individuals to develop themselves and their careers for the future and the better.  Hopefully with this recent news that The Rock will be entering the sport of bodybuilding will there possibly be some changes for the better.


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