Change it Up to Gain it Up Part 3(Full Body Workouts)

Change it Up to Gain it Up: Its easy to get stuck into a routine, reps scheme, or just the same ol’ exercises at the local meathead factory, but with a little sense of adventure and will to change up the game a bit you could see some solid gainz in the near future. So say no to the plateau and try out a few of these quick workout tip.

The basic one body part or two body part splits sometimes corner the mind and limit the gains if done for too long at the gym, and while traditional bodybuilding splits such as Back and Bi’s, Chest and Tri’s, are effective and fulfilling for many at some point it may be best to try some new variations to shock the muscle bellies into a new state of swole.

Full Body Workouts

This style of workout is based on taking major muscle groups and working them out multiple times per work, but with less overall volume (usually). The idea is to try and activate as many muscle fibers as possible and train the nervous system to respond more strongly with increases in anabolic hormones.

Instead of trashing one or two body parts in a workout the goal is to hit each major muscle group (and some supporting chains) within a 1-2hr workout session. A sample workout may look something like this:

Front Squat 3-4×6

Romanian Deadlift 3×8-10

Lat Pulldown 3×8-10

Tricep Pushdown 3×10-12

Bicep Curls (Barbell) 3×10-12

Calf Raises 3×12-15

Cable Crunches 2×20

This would be performed 3 times a week with supplemental cardio if needed for anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Designed for natural bodybuilders and or athletes who need more recovery time this style falls under some workouts like HIT ( not HIIT), AMRAP, EMOM type workouts if adapted to say CrossFit style movements)

The Change it Up to Gain it Up concept of muscle confusion can also be used changing up the full body movements every week or every workout for more advanced fitness junkies. Throwing in some Tabata style training is another option once comfortable with this type of workout. Read more about Change it Up to Gain it Up.


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