Cellucor Drops New C4 RTD with Smart Energy and Nootropics in Mind

The official launch of another C4 variation has hit the store shelves and internetz recently. Its another carbonated RTD of the C4 family and this one is dedicated to the brain and then the body. The main ingredients are InnovaTea’s high caffeine green tea extract (200mg) and Cognizin’s CDP Choline (250mg) and a sprinkle of N-Acetyl-Tyrosine.

This marks the first time in the C4 RTD realm that they have gone for something less gym oriented and more everyday life and or school, game, etc.. The use of Cognizin CDP choline is a definite plus as it has been shown at the 250mg mark (and higher doses) to have beneficial effects on many different systems of memory, focus, and even pain threshold. Ideally it assists with ramping up cholinergic activity like Alpha GPC lets says, but in a more complete way and also has beneficial effects on dopamine in the system.

The 200mg of caffeine which is sourced entirely from green tea leaf is an interesting note, but it seems with InnovaTEA that it’s going to be 98% caffeine so we can’t assume any amount of L-theanine/EGCG for the synergistic effect with the caffeine. That would have been pretty cool though.

So now you have the 126th version of C4 available in 3 new flavors, so drink up so you can recall the variations of C4 at the bar and impress all the ladies with your energy drink wisdom!


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