Cellucor C4 Dynasty

As many know Cellucor has been a leader in just about any and everything in the supplement industry.  As the market has shifted back to the idea of large-scale powerhouse type formulas many of the larger brands such as Cellucor simply just abandoned that market.  These brands opted to stay where the money seemed to be best, smaller proprietary formulas with higher margins.  Cellucors business model just simply didn’t support a big bulky product with smaller margins or a higher price point.  Cellucor made a good practice of dominating the twenty-five-dollar pre-workout market and thus stayed in their lane until now.


So, what has happened to cause Cellucor to move into a market that seems counter intuitive to their business model.  The answer is simple, demand, as the general consumer is demanding far more out of their products than before.  To meet this demand the brand as had to rethink everything about the pre-workout in general, and ultimately what the market wanted and would permit.  The newest version of C4 was born, Dynasty and what a product it appears to be.


This product combines over a decade of art, science and obsession says the brand.  It would almost seem that Cellucor has put everything they have or could have into this product.  Looking at the formula and everything associated with the product that would seem correct on all fronts.  The product itself seems to have everything possible in it, literally the kitchen sink of a product.  This product was also engineered specifically as a supercharged formula to commemorate C4’s 10th anniversary.


The brand went all out and engineered this product with 18 active ingredients, including 10 patented ingredients, in a nearly 30g servings.  The brand clearly over built this product and they have no problem saying it.  This looks like an interesting product and a great way to kick of 2020 for the supplement world.



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