CBD Isolate Vs Whole Hemp Extract

CBD Isolate: With CBD being all the rage as of late in the Wellness market place its come to questions what are you actually getting in your CBD product and why some products are sold in retail stores while others circle the internet grey area. The different may be in the form of CBD in the product and the testing and quality of the ingredients listed in the products being listed.

CBD technically occuers in Cannabis Sativa, which can also be a legal Hemp for that carries less than .03 THC (the not-so legal cousin to CBD) Of course just like in nutraceuticals many companies have found a way to get bacteria to do the heavy lifting with a process called microbial fermentation. This allows vast amounts of CBD to be produced by itself in an isolated powder form.

Naturally occurring hemp has a diverse blend of cannabinoids with all sorts of 3 letter names like CBG, CBA, etc.. and these are present in varying amounts depending on the type of extract process used and the source of the Hemp collected for the extraction processing.

While CBD is definitely the most popular kid in class its slowly coming to like that other similar ingredients may offer even more benefits for specific things like sleep, hunger, and or immune benefits. Also, some suggest that the combination of CBD and THC may actually be the most effective for some issues.

Mostly, in established retail markets you will see whole hemp extracts, some listed with CBD content, and these are likely your best bet, but from anecdotal reports and a cost stand point some consideration to using isolated CBD may be appropriate.

Luckily, with all the hype and sales of CBD Isolate and Hemp over the last few years its now easier than ever to find a quality brand with 3rd party testing to try, and some states are now offering Rx CBD for the extreme issues of seizures, etc..

So, stay tune as we keep posting articles on CBD, products related to CBD, and the news most important to CBD and its legality in the USA. As always check with your local state laws and certainly federal laws before buying, traveling, or crossing state lines with your CBD products. Likely, states where Marijuana is recreationally legal you will be okay, but better safe than locked up in Mississippi. Read more about CBD Isolate.


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