Blackstone Labs Releases New Arson Fat Burner 

It looks like Blackstone Labs has emerged from all their legal troubles, and is still releasing new products. Introducing Arson, their new metabolic boosting fat burner.  This super potent fat burner still contains the controversial ingredient 2-aminoisoheptane.  Arson appears to be a high-end energy booster combined with a good mixture of ingredients that can help burn fat. 

The synergistic effects of the ingredients should increase energy, mood enhancement, and thermogenesis These effects combined with the promise of long-lasting energy seem to really make this product stand out from the rest

Arson currently has a 4.5-star rating, out of 5-stars, on the Blackstone site.  Arson has a proprietary blend. However, Blackstone’s manufacturer, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, is known for using proprietary blends to protect their formulas from all the copycats in the supplement industry. Check back soon for our review of Arson.  




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