Bad Supplements

In the world of nutritional supplements, one might assume that if it makes it on the shelves of your local store then it is a top shelf or high-quality brand/product.  The idea that you could go into a store and come out with an item that was below standard of what is acceptable for human consumption is unthinkable to most individuals or they simply do not even give it thought.  Even has the dietary industry is cleaning itself up it just seems that as one bad actor goes another three come and takes the spot.


These companies who are violating the laws set forth by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act need to be stopped in some form or fashion.  We are hearing rumblings from other brands that this type of “bad supplement” is causing problems in the industry for individuals who take the time to grow an actual brand through the correct means and products.  The idea of making a quick buck off of products such as SARMs is still running wild and with little to no enforcement from the Food and Drug Administration the damage done to the industry is almost unrepairable.  The idea that the laws can be so easy perverted and violated with little to no recourse is allowing for the continuation of an almost wild wild west scenario in the nutritional supplement world.


With a lack of enforcement from governmental agencies to hold their own laws accountable many brands have started to pop up overnight and produce the illicit products over and over.  Each time they run into an issue they simply change the name and go back to selling their products.  Until something is done that holds companies and individuals accountable for selling ingredients like DMAA and SARMs openly as dietary supplement it will likely never stop as the money is too good and the ability to make the sale is too easy.  Combine this with a super favorable supply and demand curve and you have a recipe destruction for brands who care and uphold the laws of the land.


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