Axe and Sledge – Brand Intro

IFBB Pro Seth Feroce has been hitting the supp game like he hits the weights with Axe and Sledge. Seth provides a solid lat spread of sports nutrition-based products for amateurs to IFBB Pros. He takes his years of experience and insights to the shelves with some packed formulas and creative flavorings, while keeping things functional and still fun on the palate.
They offer multiple types of preworkouts from stim to non-stim and they are all stackable with the EAA, Pump, and other products like their thermogenics and GDA products. Many of the products that are powdered have similar flavors that can mix well, and or variety of interesting tastes that may give you a well-deserved break from fruit punch and blue razz.
Axe and Sledge describes their company as being built around those who wake up everyday to take care of their families, work in the military or the civilian world, and those who step up to help their friends and neighbors. Those who don’t know the word quit in their life pursuits are who this brand is built for. It’s a blue-collar type mentality and their products offer up a break from the over zealous and overpromising marketing of many of companies vying for that hard earned dollar out of each of their customers pockets.
Top products for Axe and Sledge:
• Hydraulic – non-stim Pump
• The Grind – EAA with Electrolytes
• Ignition Switch and Seventh Gear – Stim Pre
• Farm Fed Isolate Whey
• DemoDay – HBCD Carb and GDA blend
• Home Made – Whole Food MRP


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