Arms Race – Stabilize – Product Price and Overview

Arms Race – Stabilize: Arms Race isn’t stopping their successful roll out from 2019 anytime soon. They are continuing with the new releases and loading up the hype train this time with the announcement of 2 new capsuled products coming down the pipeline. The first announced was Stabilize (discussed below) and the second will be called Clarity.

Clarity looks to be a nootropic and brain wellness formulation in a capsuled dose and will be launched around the same time as Stabilize via their retail partner GNC. Stabilize is promoted to be a complete hormonal and wellness formula that doesn’t just focus on Test boosting and or Estrogen, but rather a more adaptogenic optimization of the body and also insulin/fat burning ( non-stim) all under one comprehensive formulation.

Two of the big actives will be Maca Root (Lepidamax) and Ashwaghanda (Shoden) which are adaptogenic, meaning it will assist the body in handling stress and optimize body levels while using the product allowing for the variability of training, life, stress, and etc… Maca has been a strong up and comer in the last few months with more companies seeking out optimal doses and raw materials to get the best results for libido, test boosting, and brain benefits. Ashwagandha we known assists with modifying cortisol and increasing Test levels, while also improving quality of sleep and reduced stress.

The other two known ingredients will be Berberine for its insulinogenic and partitioning effects allowing for less fat storage and more lean gains. While DIM is best known for its ability to modulate stronger estrogens to weaker metabolites and keep the liver in a better state of detoxification.

Overall, this isn’t a simple test booster or anti-e, Stabilize is looking to take a multitude of categories and umbrella them in a Total Hormonal Wellness type of category, which could be a new standard as the likes of many grey area ergogenics are in short supply and starting to fade from the market. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use something like Stabilize after prolonged use of said grey area products to assist on getting the body back to center.

Arms Race – Stabilize Price TBD

Supplement Facts (Known so far)

  • Lepidamax Maca Root 2100mg
  • Shoden Ashwagandha Extract 120mg
  • Berberine 1200mg
  • DIM 200mg

Other Ingredients:

  • TBD

Arms Race – Stabilize Suggested Use:

  •  TBD

Arms Race – Stabilize Product Highlights

  • Total Wellness
  • Supports Multiple Hormonal Pathways
  • Solid and Effective Doses
  • Test, Insulin, Cortisol all in One



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