Arms Race Nutrition – Brand Intro

Arms Race Nutrition, the brainchild of Doug Miller (Core Nutritionals and ‘Merica Labz) and fitness icon Julian Smith have poured their blood, sweat, and cash money into the brand they describe as old school meets new school. The branding definitely has an 80’s vibe, slightly hinting to the actual Arm Race of the 80’s. With viciously shredded legs of Julian Smith they should have called it Leg Race, because those things are WMD’s for sure. Though marathon runners flocking to their website is probably not the clientele they are interest in.

Arms Race Nutrition have four products as flagships:

  • Harness (Stim Pre)
  • Daily Pump (non-stim pre)
  • Replenish (EAA)
  • Vigor (Creatine and Endurance)

The brand looks clean and the formulations look to have some thought laid out to back up their claims. They look old school and a little roughed up like a great gym, but they are using the right doses and ingredients to be a relevant contender for best new brand among the piers. After all you gotta look good not just feel good in this fitness scene.

Brands like Arms Race Nutrition are the newest edition to the now trending social media influencer brands. Take a successful Instagram star for example and back them with a tried and true manufacturer or marketer of sports nutrition and fitness products, and you have a guaranteed brand that will make a splash in the headlines of the industry.

With the rich history of the brand founders and huge followings there will no doubt be many great things to come from the brands via new products, special edition formulas, and plenty of swag with a lack of sleeves to show off dem’ guns.



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