American Metabolix Strength Mass Overview

American Metabolix wants you to get stronger with Strength Mass.

This formulation by American Metabolix is designed for those who with to not only gain lean mass, but also improve strength in any athletic or gym activity. The basic idea is to amplify both converted androgens, natural androgens, and assist the body with maximizing protein synthesis and recovery.  The results are quickly increased strength and endurance which leads to muscle overload and increasing the capacity of the muscle tissues to grow and even potentially differentiate into satellite cells (even more muscle growth.)

The secondary effect of the formula is improving libido and balancing the hormone profile of the user to ensure that as much of the effect is anabolic (dry) and not just estrogenic (wet). This herbal blend also helps to guarantee the extra hormones are available to the body and do not face a catabolic state (chronic high cortisol for example) which can inhibit gains and potentially even be the “hard gainers” curse.



Strength Mass Price: $89.99

Product Ingredients: Strength Mass

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 120


  • Epiandrosterone 125mg – converts to DHT in the body amplifying the anabolic response to working out. Allowing for dry and lean gains over more “wet” hormonal pre-cursors
  • Indole 3 Carbinol 100 mg – assists the liver with converting strong estrogens (estradiol) in weaker hydroxy and estrone forms of estrogen.
  • DHEA 35mg – intermediate precursor hormone that can convert in many different directions from estrogen to testosterone. Can also boost neuro hormone regulators like pregnenolone.
  • 5a-hydroxy-Laxogenin 20mg – works on the androgen receptors to elicit lean mass gains and amplify strength (which increases muscle overload as it increases)


Aphrodisiac Blend 331mg

  • Safed Musli – provides saponins and other actives to assist with natural T boosting and also can assist with improving immune system resilience for better recovery
  • Ashwagandha Extract – assist with balancing stress hormones like cortisol, which in turn can improve ratios of Test: Cortisol for a more anabolic environment. Has also be shown to help improve athletic performance
  • Mucuna Pruriens – contains L-Dopa a precursor for Dopamine conversion which can assist with Test and GH levels.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract – Helps reduce the hormones that bind and make Test, etc.. less active in the body
  • Deer Antler Extract – a natural source of IGF-1 and growth peptides to assist with the natural anabolic response with muscle recovery from workouts.



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