American Metabolix Keto Pump Pre-Workout Review 

We are officially in the age of Keto. No longer called low carb diets, everyone is jumping on the Keto bandwagon. Several supplement companies have been busy trying to develop products that can help make it easier to get into, and stay, in ketosis. With their new ketogenic supplement line, American Metabolix is all in. In fact, they are claiming that they have made the first ever Keto pre-workout supplement. The last statement might be a bit of a stretch, but it does appear that American Metabolix has developed a good pre-workout supplement. Enter Keto Pump. 

Judging by the label, Keto Pump has all the necessary ingredients to be a legitimate pre-workout: 3g of creatine, 350mg of total caffeine, 3g of pump producing L-citrulline, along with focus enhancing choline ingredients. Keto Pump appears to be an effective pre-workout supplement. However, does it have enough ingredients to be considered a “Keto pre-workout?” 

It appears that American Metabolix took a standard pre-workout formula and just threw in 5g of goMCT medium chain triglycerides. While I’m not saying that Keto Pump isn’t an effective ketogenic supplement, it sure seems like they could have included some other proven ketogenic enhancing ingredients. Heck, why not just buy goMCT separately, and add it to your favorite pre-workout? Again, I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, but to be called a legit “Keto pre-workout” or the “first keto pre-workout,” that seems to be a little bit of a stretch to me. Not to mention, I feel it’s overpriced at $59.99. But who knows, maybe I’m completely wrong? 


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