Alpha Lion – Brand Intro, Products, Prices and Review

Alpha Lion – Brand Intro: Some of you know very well who Alpha Lion is and all about their loaded up supps that are geared to taking you and your gains to the next level, some would even say SuperHuman…(see what I did there?). Other may not know much about Alpha Lion and or simply know about the preworkout SuperHuman and their limited edition releases. So, in that case Alpha Lion is the brand that produces Superhuman for all of you fly by the night stim junkies lookin’ for your next preworkout fix! (I kid!)

These guys have a very interesting story in that its far from even an east coast/west coast long distance friendship/business partnership, but rather an even longer distance North America/South America ordeal.  Connecting through the amazing worldwide web and via social media Co-Founders Troy Adashun and Jordan Fares bonded over making fun of the current state of the fitness industry and a lot of the meager and underdosed supps that were the talk of the forums. Alpha Lion – Brand Intro.

Very quickly these two guys, one in L.A. and one in Columbia worked it out and started the arduous journey of creating their own supplement company with everything from the obvious well formulated and dosed supps to a complete team of content creators and marketing specialists. While going through many iterations of brand image and product versions they have found themselves on a upward trajectory that is going nowhere but further up and at an almost vertical line year over year. Likely to be the best year yet 2020 will offers the chance to one up their game further with a chance to one up the entire industry. So keep an eye out for product reviews, new releases, and updates from Alpha Lion – Brand Intro here on


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