2019 Olympia Winner

2019 Olympia Winner: In the history of the Mr. Olympia contest, there has only been one other contest that was as wide open for a new winner than in 2019, and that was the disastrous 1981 contest following Arnold’s last win, in which most of the top competitors did not compete to protest the previous year’s judging debacle. In 2019 there was no such protest, but with the current Mr. Olympia ineligible to compete due to an upcoming trial for felony rape, felony object rape and felony forcible sexual abuse stemming from an incident in a Utah hotel in 2018. Likewise, British beast Nathan De Asha was sidelined from the event with a pending steroid sales trial, and both former Mr. O Phil Heath and Mr. O runner up Kai Greene declined to compete.

This meant that the opportunity for a fresh face to take the Olympia crown was ripe, and the big names definitely stepped up. Also in the mix was Olympia newcomer and former 212 competitor Hadi Choopan, an Iranian bodybuilder known for his insane conditioning and who finally managed to obtain a visa despite the current administration’s feverish efforts to the contrary. With mass monster Big Ramy out with an injury, the Mr. O field boasted but one true mass monster, in the form of Dutch bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar, 2019 Olympia Winner.

In the end, the small men carried the day. Just as Shawn Rhoden had done in 2018 to take the Olympia crown, Brandon Curry rocketed from his 2018 fifth place finish to first to take the crown. Second place went to 2018 fourth place finisher William Bonac, who had been in contention throughout for the top spot. Third went to Olympia and Open division newcomer Hadi Choopan, whose extreme conditioning nabbed him a top-three finish, but whose overall shape and blocky waist kept him out of first. Fourth place went to a bigger than ever Dexter Jackson, who tipped the scales at . And fifth place went to by far and away the biggest man at the show- 5’6” and nearly 300 pound Roelly Winklaar, whose mass dwarfed every person onstage, but his conditioning was, as one would expect with a walking black hole, slightly off. 2019 Olympia Winner.


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