2014 Olympia Winner

2014 Olympia Winner: By the 2014 Olympia, it seemed as though the bodybuilding world was a static, unchanging thing. Only six men in the previous 13 years had held the Arnold Classic title, three of them being a Mr. Olympia winner as well. In that same period, only four men held the Mr. O title, making the field of actual contenders for the crown pretty tiny.

To be frank, it was an extremely boring period in men’s bodybuilding, 2014 Olympia Winner, because there was rarely, if ever, any doubt who would again emerge victorious, and by the time prejudging was over at a major show, the audience already knew what the placings were going to be. In 2014, however, there was a big of intrigue as massive German Dennis Wolf managed to take the Arnold Classic title, which seemed to potentially herald the dawn of a new era in bodybuilding- the dawn of a return to mass monsters.

The field for the Olympia reflected that seeming shift. At 5’11” and 280 pounds, with a massive outer quad sweep and a tiny waist (at least for a man pushing 300 pounds), Wolf and 5’6” and 265 pound Kai Greene should have dwarfed the rest of the competitors, but this as perhaps the heaviest field of competitors the O had ever seen. 5’6” and 245lb Branch Warren combined massive size with insane conditioning, Big Ramy tipped the scales at close to 300 pounds on his 5’11” frame, and new pro Steve Kuclo tipped the scales at 270 at the same height.

On top of that massive field, there was open hostility between the champ and his perennial runner-up, Kai Greene. The perception that Kai was continually being robbed of victories by the judges loomed large, especially in 2014, and Kai had a chip on his shoulder so big he needed to carry that much mass just so that it didn’t crush him under its weight. Sadly, that chip seemed justified because when the placings were announced, the boos at Kai’s placing seemed loud enough rip the roof off the building. Heath won his fourth title, Kai took second, eventual Mr. O Shawn Rhoden took third, massive Dennis Wolf took fourth, former Mr. O Dexter Jackson landed in fifth, and Branch Warren rounded out the top six. 2014 Olympia Winner


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