2011 Olympia Winner in Review

2011 Olympia Winner in Review: Following the 2010 Olympia, the world was well aware that Phil Heath appeared poised to take the Olympia crown.  After finishing third, fifth, and second in the 2008-10 Olympias, Heath proved that his relentless dedication to improvement and consistent rock-hard condition was going to make him an unstoppable force in the bodybuilding world, barring a horrific injury or some insane improvements by the seasoned Olympia field.  Jay Cutler, the four time Mr. Olympia, would need to bring his best to the stage to defeat the young upstart.

Unlike previous few years, where the title had basically been up for grabs, it was apparent in prejudging that this was a two man contest between Jay and Phil, and the other chips would fall where they may- all eyes were on the reigning Mr. O and his heir apparent.  Heath improved dramatically, adding so much width and thickness, while retaining his insane conditioning, that Cutler no longer appeared to out-size him.  Cutler, on the other hand, had suffered a severe bicep strain on his left arm that left it looking almost tumorous and looked somewhat off from his best.

2011 Olympia Winner in Review: Had the challenger been anyone else, even the injured Cutler likely could have fended them off, but Heath looked every big a bronzed god onstage and the passing of the torch had to be made.  With Heath on top, Cutler dropped to runner up, though many said that had Jay and Kai been directly compared, Kai might have been the runner up.  As it stood without the direct comparison, Kai Greene ended up in third place, while the former heir apparent to Ronnie Coleman, Victor Martinez, shot to fourth from his eighth place 2010 finish.  Dennis Wolf, who had blown everyone away with his dramatic improvements in 2010, showed up in even better condition than he had in 2010, but his structural flaws held him back from a higher placing.  Rounding out the final placings was former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson, who appeared off but benefitted from the injury that Branch Warren had sustained, keeping him out of the competition.

The major takeaway from 2011: unless someone showed up in insane condition to challenge Phil, it was The Gift’s title to lose. Read 2011 Olympia Winner in Review



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