2010 Olympia Winner in Review

2010 Olympia Winner in Review: Following the tumultuous free-for-all that was the 2009 Olympia, pundits had no clear idea who would take the crown in 2010.  Clearly, Branch Warren had proved he had what it took to be a true contender to the crown, while Jay Cutler showed he still had a fire in his gut and was a true force with which to be reckoned.  At the same time, the 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson showed that he was fallible, and newcomer Kai Greene waddled his bulk into the mix as well, and the ultra-photogenic Phil Heath’s third place finish made him a formidable opponent for anyone.  Clearly, the 2010 Olympia winner was anybody’s guess.

What shook out reflected precisely the close race the Olympia had become.  Kai Greene showed up in less-than-awesome condition, and though his thighs were insanely feathered, his bloated waist put him out of top contention.  Dexter Jackson, who needed to be at his best to beat Cutler in 2009 was near-peak, but not his best.  Dennis Wolf, who did not place the previous year, shocked everyone with the best physique he had ever displayed, while both Phil Heath and Jay Cutler showed up as big and conditioned as either of them ever had, clearly putting themselves ahead of the rest of the pack.

2010 Olympia Winner in Review: When the judges called the final placings, few in the crowd could argue their results.  Jay Cutler retained his crown, bringing him to four titles; Phil Heath took an extremely close second; Branch Warren dropped to third; former Mr. O Dexter Jackson took fourth; and the mammoth, best-ever Dennis Wolf ended up in fifth.  This Olympia was incredibly significant because the ultra-close contest between Phil Heath and Jay Cutler appeared to signal a changing of the guard.  Although reigning Mr. O’s had been given deferential scoring in years past, it was clear in the modern era that the title is up for grabs each year- no one would be safe going forward.

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