2009 Olympia Winner in Review

2009 Olympia Winner in Review: Of all of the Olympias in the oughts, two stand out for being hotly contested- the 2019 Olympia and the 2009.  A decade apart, these two pitted former champions against reigning ones, with a slew of dark horses in the mix to keep things interesting.  Of the two, however, only the 2009 featured a former Mr. O regaining his crown, as Jay Cutler upset the reigning champ to regain his crown.  And to add to the intrigue, it was that upstart who attempted to regain his crown in 2019 with the title vacant.


2008 had seen Dexter Jackson unseat the two time winner Jay Cutler with a physique that was sharper than anything the world had ever seen on a man that heavy.  Entering 2009, people were eager to see how Culter would react, and they were not disappointed when the man took the stage.  What made the event even more exciting, however, was that eventual Mr. Olympia Phil Heath had taken third in the ‘08 event as a rookie, so he was expected to challenge both men for the top spot.  And rounding out the top was a newcomer to the Olympia stage, Kai Greene, who combined a massive and defined physique with hyper-inventive posing to make him a force with which to be reckoned.


What happened at the 2009 Olympia Winner in Review was as exciting as one could expect- Cutler, hungry to regain the crown, dwarfed the smaller Jackson and rivalled Kai and Phil for sheer mass.  The four men seemed to have a lock on the competition, but the day of the show Branch Warren, who was essentially the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the IFBB, showed up in the greatest shape of his career.  By the time the dust had settled, Jay Cutler and his massive, striated thighs had taken back the crown, followed by Branch Warren.  The reigning champ was relegated to third, newcomer Kai Green to fourth, and eventual Mr. O Phil Heath to fifth.

In short, the 2009 Mr. O finals featured a battle between three Mr. Olympias and two fan favorites, in what might be the greatest Olympia lineup in two decades. Read 2009 Olympia Winner in Review



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