1st Phorm Royal 21 King

Royal XXI(21) King is a revolutionary fat burn made by 1st phorm, using only the best scientifically backed and most powerful ingredients, this product is ready to have you reaching your fat loss goals.   The key to weight loss is a quality diet and exercise followed along with consistency.  Adding a quality fat burner can really help the process as well!

The product has a precise dose of ingredients to support appetite control that will keep you on track with portion control and help with overeating.  Managing Food cravings is something many individuals fail at, but Royal 21 King has your back.  The energy complex is unmatched and in formulated in a fashion to give you up lifting and long-lasting focused energy through out the day.  There are no jitters or crashing with the product as well according to their website.

This product works to increase your core temperature, boost the basal metabolic rate and increase the oxidation of lipids in the body.  These processes will help in decreasing fat stores in the body.  The ingredients in the product can also help metabolize fat as energy through the moderation of glucose in the body.  This product ticks all the boxes for a great fat burner it seems.

Serving Size:

  • 1 Capsule

Servings per Container

  • 80


  • $69.3



Royal XXI King™ is more advanced than anything you have ever taken before. Use common sense. Read and follow the directions EXACTLY as they are written. Everyone’s tolerance will be different and more does not equal better.

TOLERANCE ASSESSMENT PHASE: As with any dietary supplement, test your tolerance by taking one capsule in the morning with 16 ounces of water on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before your first meal or shake. Wait five (5) hours, and if suitable, you may take a second capsule with 16 ounces of water on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before a meal or shake to further assess tolerance. After tolerance has been determined by following the guidelines of the Tolerance Assessment Phase, you may consider taking two (2) capsules, twice daily five (5) hours apart with 16 ounces of water 30-45 minutes before meals or shakes and assess tolerance again. Your body uses water to flush fractured fatty acid by-products (burned fat) from your system; always take Royal XXI King with at least 16 ounces of water and drink at least 130 ounces of water over the course of the day. Continue to repeat the Tolerance Assessment Phase until you have reached your personal tolerance, or you have reached a maximum of two (2) capsules, twice daily, whichever comes first. NEVER EXCEED two (2) capsules per five (5) hour window or four (4) capsules in any 24-hour period. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED USE. DO NOT TAKE AFTER 3 P.M. as the product may cause sleeplessness. If you have a sensitive stomach or find the product upsetting your stomach, try the Tolerance Assessment Phase after a meal or with food instead of on an empty stomach. Cycle use of Royal XXI King in a five (5) day on two (2) day off pattern. Use in a 12 week on, 2 weeks off pattern. For maximum fat loss results take Royal XXI King as a part of the Royal XXI King Weight Loss Results System.

Supplement Ingredients:

Cue Blend 548 mg

  • [Micro-Encapsulated Sustained Release Caffeine Anhydrous, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Theacrine, Dimethylethanolamine, Sulbutiamin, Bacopa Monniera(50% Bacopasides), Choline Bitartrate, CDP Choline and Huperzine A]

FAC-T Blend 50mg

  • [Evodiamine, Hordenine, and Higenamine]



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