Vince Taylor: Top Bodybuilders of the 90s

Vince Taylor: Due to the ridiculous overabundance of badass bodybuilders in the 1990s, most of whom bore personalities to match their larger-than-life physiques, certain names slip through the cracks.  These are people who in spite of what was usually a consistently awesome physique, usually could find their way to the podium at the Olympia but not their way to the top of it because they competed in an era where the top sport was reserved for a physique that changed the entire sport during their reign.

One such bodybuilder was Vince Taylor.  A man with a consistently excellent package that managed to nab 3rd in his first and second Olympias, then become a Masters Olympia winner from 1996-2001, Vince Taylor is a one-man example of how a bodybuilder can maintain an insane physique after 40 (though Dexter Jackson’s physique at 50 is about the finest example of bodybuilder longevity ever), and the idea that a relatively late bloomer to the sport (Taylor won his pro card at the ripe old age of 32) can reach its pinnacle in an extremely short period of time.

Though never the biggest onstage at 5’9” and 230 to 250 pounds, Taylor brought a perfectly proportioned but big physique to the stage.  He was the total package, with no standout bodyparts but no weak ones, either.  His inability to provide the “freak” element beyond his longevity in the sport likely prevented him from climbing to the top of the pile when he was outsized at the outset by Lee Haney and then further dwarfed by Dorian Yates and later, Ronnie Coleman.

At present, however, Vince Taylor likely stands as the best built physical specimen on the planet who is not former WWC wrestler and occasional world champion arm wrestler Richard Lupkes.  Taylor has proved that age was nothing but a number from his late start to his exceptional build into his 60s.  It’s a lesson that we could all stand to take to heart- true success over the course of its career rests not just in a single effort or a couple of years, but over the course of a long and full life.


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