Recapping the Olympia Athlete’s Meeting

Olympia Athlete Meeting: We got our first look yesterday at the competitors for the vacant 2019 Mr. Olympia crown.

The 2019 Mr. Olympia will be very exciting. The Athlete’s Meeting is the first time these athletes are seen before the competition.

William Bonac and Brandon Curry have garnered much attention, as they seem likely to walk away with the vacant Mr. Olympia title. Also, we got to see top level athletes like Dexter Jackson and Roelly Winklaar, that always bring elite-level physiques.

The Athlete’s meeting is where the bodybuilders first appear, to check in for the competition. It’s also where the 212 competitors weigh in for the event. Then there is a meeting where the Olympia athletes are introduced, and the weekend’s activities are previewed.

You can feel the excitement within the atmosphere at the Mr. Olympia Athlete’s Meeting. However, it’s worth noting that this year’s competition will be lacking some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. But, the event will have a slew of young, hungry athletes looking to take the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

There were also tons of photos taken at the event. This is that fans’ first time seeing the athletes before the competition.

The three favorite men to win the title were seen making the rounds at the Mr. Olympia festival yesterday. We were able to get our first glances at Brandon Curry, Roelly Winklaar, and William Bonac. And don’t count out Dexter Jackson. The 2008 Mr. Olympia champion is looking to win his second Sandow trophy.

We will also have a ton of other events during the Olympia festival. And we got to see several of those athletes. Like the guys competing in the 212 class.

It looks like the Olympia is going to be exiting. You can feel the excitement in the air. With all of the athletes together for the first time, you knew that people were going to be excited.

So, who is going to win the crown this year? We will find out on Saturday night, and will give you our full run down of the action after the show. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Olympia Athlete Meeting, we here at can.


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