Olympia 2019 What Could Happen?

Olympia 2019: Going into this year’s Mr. Olympia competition everyone is wondering to themselves who will have the single best shot at winning.  The lead up to the competition has been one of intrigues and more confusion than anybody could possibly want.  There are more question marks about competitors than ever before, even the leading athlete was suspended from an allegation of rape.  These events have created a cavern in the event whereby it is almost anybody’s guess at who will win with no real defined front runner.

There are some strong new competitors who are looking to take over the crown and number 1 spot this year.  Both Roelly Winklaar and Brandon Curry are in a great position to take the trophy over the old guard.  While Phil Heath, arguably one of the greatest to ever do it will not be taking the stage this year as he stated “I am thankful to finally announce that I’m not competing in this year’s 2019 My. Olympia Contest”, which opens the door even wider for a newcomer to take over the number 1 spot.  This Olympia is simply shaking up to be something that will be remembered for a long time.  Often times when a new champion is going to be crowned the hype train is real.

With all of that going on don’t forget about the massive showing of awesome products that will be at the Olympia this year as well.  It is truly going to be something of spectacle or to behold this year.  There will be tons of brands and events going on there it will be a great experience for anyone and the ultimate body builder will be crowned but who will it be on Olympia 2019?


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