Milos Sarcev: Top Bodybuilders of the 90s

Milos Sarcev: Few bodybuilders in history have cemented themselves in the minds of the fans quite like Milos Sarcev in terms of tenacity and prolific competition.  Competing over sixty times as a pro in ten years is no mean feat- Sarcev essentially had no offseason.  Nor did he have an off switch- the man brought a consistently impressive, hyper-aesthetic package over and over.

What’s odd is that in spite of his generally non-finalist placings, Milos Sarcev was a darling of the fans, rarely failing to make the pages of one bodybuilding magazine or another from month to month.  At 5’11” and 240 pounds, Sarcev lacked the mass to topple the giants of the sport during his career, being an inch taller and thirty pounds lighter than Dorian Yates, Sarcev was unable to compete from a mass perspective.  When the mantle passed to Coleman however, Sarcev didn’t even appear to be the same species as the far more massive champ- his shapely 21” arms lacked the brutality and the dryness of the top guys, and his shape alone was no longer going to lead to an immediate top six finish.

Nor was that his only drawback- like many other competitors, Milos Sarcev began spot injecting Synthol to improve his placings, a gamble that backfired and then put him in the hospital after he nicked an artery while pinning his triceps.

Nevertheless, he persisted.  Sarcev never won a professional competition, but he was a mainstay of the sport just from his refusal to quit and his insistence on doing a preposterous six contests a year, whereas current competitors generally do three per year at the most.  He never left the minds of the fans due to his ubiquitous inclusion in photo shoots for the magazines, and Sarcev stood as a standout from the former Eastern bloc fans didn’t get without Milos onstage.  And in that, Sarcev proved definitively that it is not only the best of the best who will be remembered- it’s also the perennial underdogs, the “Rudy” characters, who might end up most beloved by the fans in the end.


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