Jeremy Buendia is Suing Kenny KO

4x Olympia Men’s Physique champion Jeremy Buendia has launched a lawsuit against Kenny KO and others.

What a few weeks it has been in the bodybuilding world. First, news broke that 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden was charged with first degree rape from an incident in a hotel room in Utah on October 12th, 2018. Then we got word that Larry Wheels was being accused by his girlfriend of cheating on her with both men and women. She also claimed that Larry physically abused her.

Then we got word of allegations of Jeremy Buendia physically abusing his ex-girlfriends. And to top it all off, a video surfaced of Jeremy Buendia getting punched at a bodybuilding event. People are claiming that Buendia started yelling at the judges before the incident. Well, it looks like Jeremy has finally had enough.

The news of Jeremy Buendia being accused of physically abusing his past girlfriends first became mainstream news from an interview with Jerdani Kraja on the Kenny KO YouTube show. During the interview, Jerdani Kraja claimed that he and Jeremy Buendia both used steroids and cocaine together. Kraja also claimed that Jeremy Buendia sold steroids to an undercover police officer at his gym and ratted everyone out to prevent himself from being arrested. Kraja went on to claim that the reason Buendia had to move was because several people were trying to kill him from turning them into police.

Well, it now appears that there is a new level of drama that has been added to the story. Apparently Jeremy Buendia has sued Kenny KO for $1,000,000.00 for not taking down the videos of the interviews with Kraja and Buendia’s ex-girlfriend. Jeremy Buendia is blaming Kenny KO for him losing his sponsorships, and the downfall of his reputation.

But Jeremy Buendia isn’t stopping there. He is also suing Jerdani Kraja for the comments he made during his interview with Kenny KO, as well as Chad Nutsch. It has been claimed that Chad Nutsch was lying when he said he was volunteering information on the behalf of Jeremy Buendia.

As of now, we don’t really know what is going on in with Jeremy Buendia and the numerous accusations. No legal action has been taken against Buendia, and he has not been charged with anything by police. The only people that truly know what is going on are Jeremy Buendia and his ex-girlfriends. We will keep you updated as more information is made public.


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