IFBB Pro Bodybuilder David Dearth Dead at 56

Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder David Dearth dead of a heart attack at the age of 56 – What a year is has been for bodybuilding. Earlier this year, bodybuilder Matt Porter died of supposed heart failure. Well, now it looks like the Grim Reaper has claimed another bodybuilding victim, at a young age. While David Dearth was 20 years older than Matt Porter, 56 is still young to die from a heart attack. So, what is going on with all these bodybuilders dying prematurely?

Maybe it’s the extra size that they must carry around for years that ultimately puts too much strain on their hearts. Or, maybe it is the high blood pressure that is caused by the massive drug use? Who knows for sure, but what we do know is that several prominent bodybuilders have died prematurely within the past three years.

David Dearth competed in the IFBB from 1990-2001, and eventually moved on to the failed WBF. David was known for having an upbeat attitude, and even competed in the Mr. Olympia competition. In a heartwarming Facebook post, one of Dearth’s close friends Jeff Petee released the following statement.

“Good morning all.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my friend, IFBB Pro David Dearth, passed away Monday night Aug 5th after suffering a heart attack while in the hospital.

David was a larger than life character who lived his live to the fullest each and every day of his life, with very few regrets. Rather than mourn his passing. I’m quite sure David would want you to celebrate his life, like he celebrated every day of his life.

David loved his family very much, and I’m sure his loss is a big one for them, so please keep them in your thoughts as they move forward. To his girlfriend Maureen, I know through many talks that David loved you very much, and couldn’t stop talking about how much you have done for him these past couple of years.

To David, Aaron, and Andrew his sons, Dave was so very proud of all of you, and talked about you every time I was able to talk with him.

Arrangements for David will be posted soon by his family.

Rest in Peace my friend… I’ll miss our late night talks and all the advice you gave me when we met back in 1992.

God bless”

This is another sad instance of a bodybuilder dying too young. So, why are all these bodybuilders dying young of heart disease, and who is next?

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