2017 Olympia Winner

2017 Olympia Winner: With the 2017 Mr. Olympia approaching, all eyes were on Phil Heath to see if he could capture his seventh title and tie the legendary Arnold Schwarzennegger for second most wins. At six wins, Heath ties Dorian Yates, putting him in the god-tier of bodybuilders, but Heath clearly wanted to cement himself as the best of the best. Standing in his way, however, was some seriously stiff competition in mass monster Roelly Winklaar, the ultimate mass monster Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, a continually growing former Mr. O Dexter Jackson, and hyper aesthetic Ghanian William Bonac.

Heath clearly has his work cut out for him- at 5’9” and 252lbs, he’s certainly not a small man, but his competition waiting in the wings for the crown could certainly out-muscle him. Big Ramy, for instance, stands an inch taller but fifty unbelievable pounds heavier. Likewise, Roelly Winklaar was tipping the scales at 285 pounds, though three inches shorter than the champ, and Dexter Jackson weighed about 240 at the same height. William Bonac, on the other hand, always contends with his aesthetics as opposed to mass, and would be the smallest man onstage at 5’7” 225.

2017 Olympia Winner: In spite of a very close margin on the scorecards, Phil Heath was able to secure his seventh title, edging out Big Ramy with the extra detail and near-perfect conditioning Heath always brings. In spite of Heath’s victory, Big Ramy certainly proved with his second place finish that he is no longer the mass monster lurking on the edges of the stage, but a true threat to take the top spot once he finally puts the finishing details on his mass. Clearly, such a thing is possible, because Coleman at his biggest was only slightly smaller than the the gigantic Egyptian.

Third place went to the aesthete, William Bonac, who while dwarfed onstage in terms of sheer mass more than held his own in the conditioning department. Fourth went to former Mr. O Dexter Jackson, who at 47 looked as good as he’s ever looked, but faced stiff competition from the younger field. In fifth, the soon-to-be Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden flexed his stuff, and in sixth, Dutch monster Roelly Winklaar, whose distended abdomen again impaired his placing. 2017 Olympia Winner


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