2016 Olympia Winner

2016 Olympia Winner: On the heels of the 2015 Mr. Olympia, five-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath looked absolutely unstoppable. Second place finisher Dexter Jackson never really threatened Heath, though third place finisher Shawn Rhoden nearly edged Jackson out in points. And though Fourth place finisher Dennis Wolf finished close on Rhoden’s heels, no one seemed to have the complete package, with enough mass and conditioning to drive Heath off the top of the podium.

2016 would prove to even more dominant than the previous two years for Heath. The reigning Mr. O had come into prejudgings slightly off on occasion in years past, 2016 Olympia Winner, but as the champ had explained at the pre-contest press conference, he trained and dieted harder than he ever had for the 2016 Mr. O. Gone was the water he occasionally held in his lower back, and his waistline looked as trim as it had in years.

In first, the champ reigned supreme, bringing home yet another Olympia crown. In second came the eventual Olympia winner, Shawn Rhoden. Clearly, he had the formula for unseating the winner down, but needed more time to hone the physique that would eventually unseat the reigning king of bodybuilding. In third, former Olympia winner Dexter Jackson. Though he perhaps looked as good as ever, it was not enough to topple the champ. In fourth, Big Ramy, Mamdouh Elssbiay- the beast once more found himself on the outside looking in at the end of the day. In fifth, hyper-aesthetic William Bonac carved a place, with a combination of symmetry and shape not seen since the days of Shawn Ray and AFlex Wheeler. And rounding out the top six was Roelly Winklaar, the shortest, densest, biggest person ever to waddle across the stage. In spite of his best efforts, his waistline once again proved to be his undoing. 2016 Olympia Winner


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