2015 Olympia Winner

2015 Olympia Winner: Four-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath seemed unstoppable in 2015. Having won four straight Mr. Olympias, his pedigree had been proven time and time again, and his mettle had been tested on the battlefield enough to prove any naysayers wrong. By the time the Mr. Olympia in 2015 rolled around, few in the audience had any ideas that he crown would change hands. Given Phil Heath’s size, shape, and ridiculous good looks, no one among the challengers had enough of any single trait to topple the champ.

The one person who believed that the champ might be fallible was Dexter Jackson. The one time Mr. Olympia 2015 Olympia Winner had his sights set on a second trophy, and his consistent improvements in size made the formerly diminutive competitor a force with which to be reckoned by 2015. In the best shape of his life and coming off a decisive win at the Arnold Classic, Dex had staked his claim to the title once more- a battle was to commence on the stage in Las Vegas. Tragically for Dex, that battle was to be lost.

Heath showed up game and ready to snag yet another title- his size, shape, symmetry, and condition proved once more to be enough to decisively win the Olympia title. After all of the scores were tallied, Heath on every round of judging. In a solid second came the former Mr. olympia, Dexter Jackson. Though vastly improved and in perhaps the best shape of his life, his best proved to be not enough to unseat the champ. In third came eventual Mr. Olympia winner Shawn rhoden, whose consistent improvements to his X-fram managed to put him on the podium,, but no higher than third. In fourth, the massive German Dennis Wolf. Fifth was Wolf’s fellow mass monster Mamdouh Elssbiay, followed by the un-aesthetic but insanely conditioned Branch Warren. Rounding out the top six was gigantic Dutchman Roelly Winklaar, once more unable to tame his waistline enough to grab a podium placing. 2015 Olympia Winner


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