2012 Olympia Winner

2012 Olympia Winner: The battle for the 2012 Mr. Olympia was caught on celluloid in the documentary Generation Iron, carrying on the tradition of Pumping Iron in an effort to recapture the magic of the original film. The behind-the-scenes look into one of the more hard-fought bodybuilding shows in history allowed fans the opportunity to truly connect with superstars like Kai Greene, though the film likely did little to endear Phil Heath to any fans of the sport.

With the cameras rolling, three Mr. Olympias battled it out for the top spot, while the remainder of the field fought over the scraps left by the four top contenders. Perhaps the most interesting facet of this contest was the insane diversity of the competitors- they ranged wildly in size from the diminutive 212 competitors like Hidetada Yamagishi and now-deceased Baitollah Abbaspour (who both inexplicably chose to enter the open rather than the 212 competition) to several bodybuilders over 280 pounds, like the massive Dennis Wolf, cartoonishly huge Dutchman Roelly Winklaar, and cerebral behemoth and internet fan favorite Ben Pakulski.

The finals shook out exactly as anyone would have reasonably expected, 2012 Olympia Winner. Phil Heath won another title, while Kai Greene landed firmly in second, the victim of a bloated gut that made a higher placing impossible in spite of his ridiculous mass and conditioning. In third was Shawn Rhoden, making an insane improvement over his eleventh place finish the previous year. In fourth, Dexter Jackson. Lacking the brutal mass of the other top placeholders, Dex’s shape and condition could only carry him so far. In fifth was 2012 Arnold Classic winner Branch Warren, whose best-ever condition still couldn’t crack the top three at the Mr. O. Rounding out the top six was the brobdingnagian German Dennis Wolf, whose high calves and lats continued to make higher placings all but impossible. Read about 2012 Olympia Winner


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