2011 Olympia Winner in Review

2011 Olympia: With four-time Jay Cutler’s win in 2010, he showed that he could bring his best physique to the table again and again.  While that would be enough for previous legacy Mr. O’s, Cutler had a serious problem on his hands in the form of Phil Heath.  Able to compete with Cutler on sheer size, Heath had what Cutler didn’t- an incredibly aesthetic physique boasted by arguably the best-looking Mr. Olympia since Arnold.

With movie star good looks and his nearly flawless package, Phil Heath had established himself as the heir apparent, and unless Kai Greene was able to repeat his performance at the 2010 Arnold Classic, 2011 would likely see Heath crowned Mr. Olympia.  Heath did not disappoint, either, with former Mr. O competitors proclaiming him the new Mr. O backstage during prejudging.  Even better than he’d been the previous year, Heath seemed to have no flaws- huge, incredibly symmetrical, and detailed, Heath outshined every competitor from every angle, save perhaps for Kai Greene, whose vastly improved Olympia physique showed him to be an interesting and brutal counterpoint to the far more aesthetic Heath.

With Heath crowned the newest Mr. Olympia, a slightly off Jay Cutler was relegated to second place.  Cutler took the defeat with aplomb, delivering an extremely polished speech congratulating Heath on his victory and his incredible physique.  Massive Kai Greene took a strong third, with many people calling for him to have taken second because of his insane combination of size and detail.  Former Mr. O runner-up Victor Martinez regained his previous form and managed fourth, while massive Dennis Wolf took fifth and former Mr. O Dexter Jackson landed in sixth.

With a changing of the guard in impressive fashion, Phil Heath loudly declared himself to be Mr. Olympia for the foreseeable future, while fans clamored for more direct comparisons between Heath and Greene going forward, in hopes that mass might again defeat aesthetics on the Olympia stage. Read about 2011 Olympia.


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