2010 Olympia Winner in Review

2010 Olympia: Closing out the first decade of the 2000s in the Mr. Olympia contest, the bodybuilding world had seen a considerable amount of contention for the top spot.  2009 had seen Jay Cutler achieve near perfection in his victory over arguably the strongest field of men ever to step on the Olympia stage, and all eyes were on him to see if he could repeat his perfection and achieve a fourth title.  Similarly, fans of the ultra-dry and dense Branch Warren hoped that his resurrection of the Dorian Yates idea would bring the field back away from its trend toward aesthetics and usher in another of bodybuilding brutality, while fans of Kai Greene and Phil Heath wanted to see their idols break into the top spot- the world was again primed and ready for an upset.

What actually transpired in 2010 Olympia was a surprise to everyone.  After destroying his opposition at the Arnold with his best physique ever, Kai failed to bring enough conditioning to the Olympia stage to even break the final six.  Dennis Wolf, who had failed to make the top 15 at the previous year’s contest, surged back into the fray with an amazing comeback.  His countryman Ronnie Rockel, the Sultan of Symmetry, also brought his best ever condition, proving to the world that a smaller man in insane condition could hang with the big boys.  Branch Warren showed up better than ever, and Phil Heath brought a level of size and detail to the stage that hadn’t been seen since the days of Flex Wheeler.

When the judges announced their decision, few were shocked.  Jay Cutler showed up in precisely the same condition as the previous year, showing that his best ever condition was indeed repeatable, but not undefeatable- his margin for winning had shrunk.  Phil Heath came in a close second to the now four-time champ, with an even better-conditioned and tight-waisted Branch Warren in third.  Dexter Jackson improved upon his Olympia winning condition, but in a field as close as this one was relegated to fourth.  Germans Dennis Wolf and Ronnie Rockel rounded out the finals at fifth and sixth, because in a field this supernatural even their very best couldn’t get them atop the podium. Read baout 2010 Olympia.


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