2009 Olympia Winner in Review

2009 Olympia: The Mr. Olympia in the second half of the first decade of the new millennium was a tumultuous thing.  Whereas champions of the past had reigned unchecked for long periods, the Mr. O of the new millennium had become a free for all. Between 2005 and 2008, fans had seen the crown on three different heads, something that had not occurred since the turbulent post-Arnold years of the early 80s.  The crown could be worn by anyone who made the contest, and 2009 promised more of the same.

After Dexter Jackson’s sweep of the major contests of 2008, he seemed to be the man to beat, though newcomer Phil Heath brought a level of mass and good looks that were going to be hard to deny, and Jay Cutler’s mass still put him in consideration for the crown.  Also entering the fray was relentlessly improving Kai Greene, who had won the 2009 Arnold, and the 2007 runner-up Victor Martinez was back on the Olympia stage after recovering from his ‘08 injury.

The results of 2009 Olympia surprised everyone, as Branch Warren came out of nowhere to challenge for the crown with a degree of conditioning no one had ever seen on his blocky frame.  Despite his aesthetic drawbacks, Warren was so dense and grainy he harkened back to the days of Dorian Yates.  As he dogged the heels of a vastly improved, ultra-feathered-thighs and best-condition-ever Jay Cutler, it became apparent that the ‘08 winner, Dexter Jackson, was going to be unseated.

In the end, Jay Cutler regained his Mr. O title for a third victory, with Branch Warren in second, Dexter Jackson in third, Kai Greene in fourth, Phil Heath in fifth, and Victor Martinez in sixth.  Billed as the deepest Mr. O lineup in history, this crew matched their hype and delivered one of the greatest Mr. Olympias in history, leaving fans salivating for what was to come. Read about 2009 Olympia.


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