2007 Olympia Winner in Review

2007 Olympia: With his loss at the 2006 Olympia, eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman- one of the most massive men to ever set foot on the Olympia stage- was proven to be beatable.  Jay Cutler, who won his first title after four consecutive second place finishes, would be the man to beat in 2007- it appeared Coleman’s time had passed.  What remained in question, however, was whether Coleman would continue to challenge the young Mr. Olympia, or if the rest of the final placings were any man’s game.

What actually transpired with the 2007 Olympia was far more interesting than just determining who placed in second, however- there was no small amount of controversy and debate over Cutler’s second win.  For one, Dennis Wolf appeared onstage looking even more polished, conditioned, and huge than he had when he beat Coleman at the Show of Strength in 2005.  His posing routine was flawless, and echoed the routines of Arnold in the 1970s.  He dwarfed Coleman when compared directly to the former Mr. O, and his conditioning and balance made Coleman look out of condition and crippled.

Cutler looked bigger and better conditioned than he had the previous year, which was going to make the reigning Mr. Olympia tough to unseat.  The true wrench in the works, however, was Victor Martinez.  After winning that year’s Arnold Classic, Martinez looked like the man to beat- at 260 pounds of shapely, striated muscle on his 5’9” frame, Martinez was able to match Cutler’s size and conditioning, but with the addition of an incredible X-frame shape.  Due to that, and the fact Cutler admitted to the reporters that he’d screwed something up and his condition was off, most thought Martinez would take his first crown.

The judges, however, thought differently.  Placing Cutler first, Martinez second, and a completely outsized Dexter Jackson in third, the judges made it clear they had no idea what they were looking for.  Coleman, riddled with injuries, received the gift of fourth place, and the Wolf took fifth, though many in the audience insisted the title should have been his.  Few, if any, were pleased with the results when the judges made their announcement, and the 2007 Olympia goes down in history as the “What If?” of a lifetime for most bodybuilding fans. Read about 2007 Olympia.


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