2005 Olympia Winner in Review

By 2005 Olympia, little doubt was left in anyone’s mind that Ronnie Coleman was nearly undefeatable as the reigning Mr. Olympia.  Coleman, who’d won his first bodybuilding show weighing a paltry 229 pounds at a height of 5’11”, had grown into an utter mass monster whose weight hovered around the 300 pound mark by the middle of the first decade of the Oughts.  On the eve of what was certain to be Coleman’s fifth victory, the only question in anyone’s mind was “what will second through sixth look like?”

Coleman’s first Olympia win had marked the dawn of a new era- the old standbys who’d waited patiently in the wings for Dorian Yates to step down had seen their dreams evaporate in Coleman’s massive shadow.  By ‘04, the old guard had found extinction at Coleman’s hands, and ‘05 heralded the dawn of a new chosen few to stand in the shadow of an unstoppable force.

Heading into the ‘05 show, the only certainty was that Jay Cutler would find his way to the podium.  Though not big enough to out-mass Coleman, Cutler was improving steadily and capable of defeating all other comers with a very solid second place finish in ‘04.  The remainder of the field was anyone’s guess, however, as utter mass monsters like Markus Rühl and Günter Schlierkamp struggled to make headway against smaller builders with more aesthetic physiques.

In the end of 2005 Olympia, Coleman destroyed his opposition and was the runaway winner.  Second went to Jay Cutler, who while great was only about half as good as Coleman on the cards.  Half again as good as that was Gustavo Badell, a Puerto Rican bodybuilder with size and shape but not enough of either to challenge the clear top placers.  Next came Schlierkamp, who managed his best-ever placing in an Olympia following a shocking defeat of Coleman at that year’s GNC Show of Strength, followed by Victor Martinez and Dennis James to round out the field. Read about 2005 Olympia.


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