2003 Olympia Winner in Review

2003 Olympia Winner: Prior to Ronnie, the biggest Olympia winner in history had been 5’10” 260+ pound Dorian Yates.  He was seen as an absolute beast of a man, and it was thought that no one would be able to surpass his level of insane conditioning and size… that is, until Ronnie Coleman took the stage.  Growing successively from contest to contest, Coleman continued to improve and build upon his base, in spite of questions regarding his also-expanding waist in doing so. Still, few expected Coleman to display what he unveiled at the 2003 Mr. Olympia in prejudging- a 5’11” and 287 pound package that seemed like it threatened to collapse the stage under its dense structure.  Colemna had become a living black hole that threatened to swallow the entire field in his gravitational pull.

Gone was the extended stomach that had plagued him in the past.  Nowhere to be seen was the water retention that occasionally plagued him, the 2003 Olympia Winner.  In its place was a man nearly old enough to qualify for the Master’s Olympia who so far outshined the rest of the field that Coleman’s presence onstage was merely perfunctory- he was just there to collect another trophy.  The rest of the field, however, was up for grabs, and Cutler appeared to be half dead from exhaustion after competing too much over the year.

At 5’9 and 260 pounds, Cutler was far from the monster he’d promised the crowd after a year off.  Wan, tired, and defeated, Cutler’s presence also seemed to be perfunctory, but his was more of a “let’s just get this over with” than a “hurry up and give me my check” sort of haste.  In spite of that fact, Cutler’s appearance from the front was rivalled only be the five time Mr. Olympia himself, and crushed everyone else on the stage.

In the end, Coleman was handed his sixth Sandow, to absolutely no one’s surprise.  Cutler found himself in second based in large part on the superiority of his ab and thigh pose, followed by an ever-larger Dexter Jackson,who seemed ready to shed his “aesthetic” description for a term involving “mass.”  In fourth was Dennis James, a bodybuilder much talked about in every off-season but who simply could not put it all together at contest time, but who managed massive improvements from the previous year, shooting up in the placings from tenth.  In fifth was a much lighter and flatter Gunter Schlierkamp, who’d lost 15 pounds from his previous years outstanding condition in an effort to refine his insane mass.  Rounding out the final field was Kevin Levrone, who managed to reach the podium in spite of suffering a triceps tear earlier in the year. Read about 2003 Olympia Winner.


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